Housing-Labor-Macro-Urban Conference: September 25-26, 2009

Conference Location
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Conference Center, Third Floor
1000 Peachtree Street, N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30309

The University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta are hosting this conference to examine aspects of housing, labor, and the economy. The conference will feature four groups of papers. One group will consist of presentations of theoretical papers on foreclosure activity and interest rates and empirical papers on foreclosure rates and state rules. Another group of papers will look at how the elderly use their home to finance their consumption and the role that race and education play in how households are sorted into neighborhoods. A third group of papers will explain time-series patterns of house prices and the impact of securitization on them. Another group of papers will explore the importance of distance in explaining variation in wages and labor force participation rates.

Morris A. Davis, UW-Madison
François Ortalo-Magné, UW-Madison
Stephen Malpezzi, UW-Madison
Chris Cunningham, Atlanta Fed
Scott Frame, Atlanta Fed
Kris Gerardi, Atlanta Fed
Pedro Silos, Atlanta Fed

For more information, contact Elaine Clokey or Valerie Crosby.

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