Joint Central Bankers Conference: Unconventional Government Policies - November 15-17, 2012

Conference location
New Orleans Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
525 St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130

Recent developments have highlighted the important interactions between monetary policy, financial stability, and fiscal policy. Efforts by monetary authorities to stabilize the financial system since 2008 have imposed constraints on monetary policy as interest rates have fallen to zero. High government deficits triggered by a deep global recession have been compounded by demands for public funds to support the financial sector. These extraordinary events have crystalized the links between monetary policy, financial stability, and fiscal policy and precipitated a range of new and unconventional policy responses.

Jointly sponsored by the Bank of Canada, the Swiss National Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, this invitation-only conference provides a venue to explore the connections between fiscal policy, monetary policy, and financial stability and to evaluate unconventional policy propositions.

Hosted at Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta's New Orleans Branch, the conference will feature a day-ahead event on November 15 for senior policy makers to frame the questions facing them. The main conference on November 16–17 will provide formal analysis of alternative government policies in these unconventional times.

Who should attend?
Both events are by invitation only.

The conference is free for invitees.

R. Anton Braun,, 404-498-8708