About CAED

One of the most important developments in economic research over the last couple of decades has been an increasing amount of analyses using firm-level data. The growing availability of comprehensive panel data on all enterprises in a single economy provides for the opportunity to revisit many of the classic empirical questions in economics using data at the appropriate level of aggregation—the business decision-making unit. In addition, the availability of these data across multiple countries has made comparative analyses possible.

The aim of this conference is to promote scientific research using enterprise microdata. Not only is the conference a unique meeting point for producers and users of these data, such as statisticians, economists, and econometricians, but it is also an opportunity for policymakers to get acquainted with the newest research results and policy implications in this rapidly expanding field.

Previous Conference Locations

  • Nuremberg 2012
  • London 2010
  • Tokyo 2009
  • Budapest 2008
  • Chicago 2006
  • Cardiff 2005
  • London 2003
  • Aarhus 2001
  • The Hague 1999
  • Bergamo 1997
  • Helsinki 1996