The Future of Workforce Development in Mississippi - October 29, 2013

Information compiled as a resource for conference attendees and workforce development stakeholders.

Economic Development Podcast Series Listen to interviews with economic development practitioners and academics on such topics as innovative strategies, emerging trends in job creation and workforce development, small business trends, and health care issues.

Atlanta Fed Jobs Calculator Calculates the net employment change needed to achieve a target unemployment rate after a specified number of months. Users can adjust the target unemployment rate, the number of months, and the assumed labor force growth.

Atlanta Fed Labor Market Spider Chart Allows real-time tracking or monitoring of broad labor market developments. Indicators of labor market status are broken up into four groups: Employer Behavior, Confidence, Utilization, and Leading Indicators.

Federal Reserve Human Capital Compendium Access this repository of research published since 2008 by the Board of Governors and all 12 Federal Reserve Banks on topics related to employment, unemployment, and workforce development.

Report: A Perspective from Main Street: Long-Term Unemployment and Workforce Development Documents the regional perspectives shared during a series of forums held throughout the country by highlighting the key topics that emerged and offering examples of how those issues were reflected in different parts of the country and for different populations.

2013 Conference: Aligning Workforce Development and Employment Strategies for Historically Black Colleges and Universities Review the findings discussed at this forum where historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) presidents and corporate leaders met to share best practices on preparing students for today's highly competitive job market.

2012 Conference: The Future of Workforce Development: Where Research Meets Practice View the video highlights, transcripts, keynote speeches, and presentations at this conference, which explored key issues facing the workforce.