Omni Hotel, Amelia Island, Florida

Begins May 6, 6 p.m. EST; adjourns May 8, 1 p.m. EST

The annual conference is the Atlanta Fed's signature policy and research event, which provides a unique perspective on emerging financial market issues and their monetary policy implications.

This year's event will explore aspects of machine learning and artificial intelligence and how they intersect with public policy and especially financial stability.

Topics that may be discussed include applications in asset management and market trading, regulatory surveillance and risk management, implications for the overall economy and monetary policy, and the ownership and control of financial data.

Policy panel discussions will address the topics of what machine learning is and its strengths and weaknesses in wholesale financial applications, the role of machine learning in trading and investment decisions, the application of machine learning by practitioners and supervisors to financial supervision and regulation, and how machine learning is likely to affect the economy and the implications it could have for the future conduct of monetary policy.

Who Should Attend
Senior leaders of global financial firms and policy institutions, government officials, and academics

Conference is by invitation only. The registration fee is $750.

Lisa Lee-Fogarty,