Applied Microeconomics Conference - May 13-15, 2020

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System Applied Microeconomics Conference
May 13–June 18, 2020

Hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

The Federal Reserve System Committee on Applied Microeconomics was formed in 2001 and held its inaugural meeting at the San Francisco Fed. The committee's purpose is to provide a structure in which Federal Reserve applied microeconomists can interact and allow their individual activities to enhance each other's work. An annual research conference allows economists to share their current research and to learn about their microeconomic System colleagues' research. Previous conference agendas are available.

If you have any question, please contact Lisa Piggott, Research Department, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta,

Welcome to Applied Micro 2020: The Virtual Edition!

Agenda and registration links below.

On each date two papers will be presented (from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.). Each presenter will have 30 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of Q&A. There are no assigned discussants.

The first paper and discussion will be followed by a five-minute break, with the second presentation starting about 2:50 p.m.

At 3:35 p.m., the floor will be open for anyone to bring up issues, questions, or thoughts related to the COVID-19 pandemic. This period will allow people to seek feedback on data they are looking for or suggest collaboration on topics of common interest.

Attendees will be muted during the presentations but will be able to use Zoom’s chat option. If coauthors of presenters are in the audience, we request that they answer clarifying questions during the presentation via the chat window.

You must register for each meeting separately. Click on the links below to register for the meetings you would like to attend.

The System Applied Micro 2021 conference will be held at the Boston Fed May 5–7, 2021.

Virtual Agenda

Wednesday, May 13
12:15–1:30 p.m.
"Restricted Data in the FSRDCs: New Developments"
Melissa Banzhaf, Atlanta Research Data Center [Presentation Adobe PDF file format]
Thursday, May 14
2–4 p.m.
"Test Questions, Economic Outcomes, and InequalityAdobe PDF file format
Presenter: Eric Nielsen, Federal Reserve Board [Presentation Adobe PDF file format]

"The Obama Effect: The Effect of Black Electoral Victory on Racial Prejudice and InequalityAdobe PDF file format
Presenter: Jung Sakong, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago [Presentation Adobe PDF file format]
Thursday, May 21
2:00 "The Geography of Jobs and the Gender Wage Gap"
Presenter: Yichen Su, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas [Presentation Adobe PDF file format]
Coauthor: Sitian Liu

"Gender Targeting in U.S. Newspaper Ads: 1940–2000"
Presenter: Enghin Atalay, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia [Presentation Adobe PDF file format]
Coauthor: Lisa B. Kahn
Thursday, May 28
2–4 p.m.
"Leverage over the Firm Life-cycle, Firm Growth, and Aggregate Fluctuations"
Presenter: Veronika Penciakova, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta [Presentation Adobe PDF file format]
Coauthors: Emin Dinlersoz, Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan, and Henry Hyatt

"Job-to-Job Flows and the Consequences of Job SeparationsAdobe PDF file format
Presenter: Bruce Fallick, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland [Presentation Adobe PDF file format]
Coauthors: John Haltiwanger, Erika McEntarfer, and Matthew Staiger
Friday, June 12
2–4 p.m.
"Fraud Exposure and Precautionary Credit Market Behavior" 
Presenter: Ying Lei Toh, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City [Presentation Adobe PDF file format]
Coauthor: Nathan Blascak 

"Do Lenders Still Discriminate? A Robust Methodology for Detecting Differences in Menus"
Presenter: Paul Willen, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston [Presentation Adobe PDF file format]
Coauthor: David Hao Zhang
Thursday, June 18 Register to attend Session 5
2–4 p.m.
"Formative Experiences and the Price of Gasoline"
Presenter: Christopher Severen, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia [PresentaionAdobe PDF file format]
Coauthor: Arthur A. van Benthem

"The Intergenerational Effects of the Vietnam Draft on Risky Health Behaviors"
Presenter: Alvaro Mezza, Federal Reserve Board [Presentation Adobe PDF file format]
Coauthor: Monica Deza