FANGST Micro Labor Workshop

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The F•A•N•G•S•T workshop group brings together micro labor economists from southeastern institutions (in Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee) to foster an active exchange and discussion among labor research economists. To that end, the group will hold a workshop that features micro labor research from PhD economists in these states. 

Organizers intend the workshop to take place every spring, at various institutions across these states. By design, the workshop schedule requires only one night in a hotel, which reduces the cost to both travelers and host institution. The host institution will provide some meals, with all other expenses, including travel and lodging, being the responsibility of the participants. If you are interested in hosting the workshop, please contact Melinda Pitts or Julie Hotchkiss.

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For questions, please contact Melinda Pitts or Julie Hotchkiss.