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October 26
The Economics of College Sports
Joel Maxcy, Associate Professor of Sport Management, Drexel University

September 9
Forecasting Florida: What's Ahead for Our State and National Economies (Jacksonville)
Sean Snaith, Director, Institute for Economic Competitiveness, University of Central Florida

July 20
Big Data and HR: Lessons Learned
Prasanna (Sonny) Tambe, Associate Professor, New York University Stern School of Business

March 9
Cuba and the United States: What's Next?
Carlos Alzugaray Treto, Professor, University of Havana

January 20
The Timeline of Presidential Elections
Christopher Wlezien, Hogg Professor of Government, University of Texas at Austin


October 21
The Monetary Costs of Dementia: Today and in the Future
Michael D. Hurd, Director and Senior Principal Researcher, RAND Center for the Study of Aging

July 22
The Economics of Creativity: Markets and Modern Art (Atlanta)
David W. Galenson, Professor of Economics, University of Chicago

June 4
Shoring Up the Economic Future of the Mississippi River (New Orleans)
Dominik Knoll, Chief Executive Officer, World Trade Center New Orleans
David Batker, Chief Economist and Executive Director, Earth Economics

May 12
Not So Ancient History: Exploring Familiar Themes in Banking Crises (Atlanta)
Charles Calomiris, Henry Kaufman Professor of Financial Institutions, Graduate School of Business, Columbia University

April 16
Where Government Meets Business: Exploring the Infrastructure of Public-Private Partnerships (Miami)
Richard Geddes, Associate Professor, Department of Policy Analysis and Management
Cornell University

March 11
Unraveling the Sharing Economy: How Airbnb and Uber Are Transforming American Business (Atlanta)
Arun Sundararajan, Professor, Information, Operations, and Management Sciences
New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business


November 16
Bitcoin and Beyond: The Possibilities and Pitfalls of Virtual Currency (Jacksonville Branch)
David Andolfatto, Vice President and Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
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October 22
Sustainable Economic Development: Will Atlanta Be Ready for 2050?
Matthew E. Kahn, Professor, Institute of the Environment, Department of Public Policy, Department of Economics, Anderson School of Management, and School of Law, University of California–Los Angeles
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July 23
Aging and Economic Decision Making: Older and Wiser?
Eric J. Johnson, Norman Eig Professor of Business and Director, Center for Decision Sciences Columbia University
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July 17
The Economics of Sport: What's the Score? (Birmingham Branch)
Robert A. Baade, A.B. Dick Professor of Economics and Business
Lake Forest College
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May 20
The Federal Reserve as a Lender of Last Resort: An Historical Perspective
Michael D. Bordo, Board of Governors Professor of Economics and Director, Center for Monetary and Financial History, Rutgers University
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March 12
Behavioral Economics: Too Much Influence on Policy?
Glenn Harrison, C.V. Starr Chair of Risk Management and Insurance and Director, Center for the Economic Analysis of Risk, Georgia State University
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November 14
College (Un)bound: The Future of Higher Education (Nashville Branch)
Jeffrey J. Selingo, Editor at Large, the Chronicle of Higher Education
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October 23
Why We Do What We Do: Economics of Human Motivation
John A. List, Homer J. Livingston Professor of Economics and Department of Economics Chairman, University of Chicago
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September 5
Wetlands Reclamation (New Orleans Branch)
R. King Milling, chairman of America's Wetland Foundation and chairman of the Louisiana Governor's Advisory Commission on Coastal Protection, Restoration, and Conservation
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July 24
Is the End of the Age of Innovation Upon Us?
Joel Mokyr, Robert H. Strotz Professor of Arts and Sciences and Professor of Economics and History, Northwestern University, and the Sackler Professor of Economics, University of Tel Aviv
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March 13
The Higher Education Bubble
Glenn Reynolds, Beauchamp Brogan Distinguished Professor of Law, University of Tennessee
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October 17
Advancing Entrepreneurship in America: Building Blocks for Success
Amy Wilkinson, Senior Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School, Center for Business and Government, and Public Policy Scholar, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
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July 25
Surviving the New Economics of Health Care: Can Reviving the Doctor of the Past Meet the Challenges of the Present?
David Meltzer, MD, PhD, Chief of the Hospital Medicine Section and Director of the Center for Health and Social Sciences, University of Chicago
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April 18
Beyond GDP: Should the United States Measure Well-Being?
Carol Graham, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution
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October 26
Public Pension Promises: How Big Are They and What Are They Worth?
Joshua D. Rauh, Associate Professor of Finance, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
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June 15
The Economics of Sport: What's the Score?
Robert A. Baade, PhD, A.B. Dick Professor of Economics and Business, Lake Forest College
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March 9
The Economics of Retirement Planning: Are Pension Plans Retiring Themselves?
Roger W. Ferguson Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer, TIAA-CREF
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November 10
Has the Recession Arrested Crime?
Richard Rosenfeld, Curators Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Missouri, St. Louis, and President, American Society of Criminology

June 16
The Economics of Income Inequality: Traversing the Great Divide
Steven E. Landsburg, Professor of Economics, University of Rochester
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March 10
The Economics of Urban Growth
Ed Glaeser, Professor of Economics, Harvard University
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Oct. 8
The Economics of Urban Transportation
Kenneth A. Small, Research Professor and Professor Emeritus of Economics, University of California, Irvine
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June 17
Testing the Waters: Pricing and Urban Water Conservation
Sheila M. Olmstead, Associate Professor of Environmental Economics, Yale University
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March 11
Solving Global Issues: Where Do We Start?
Finn Kydland, Henly Professor of Economics, University of California, Santa Barbara, and Nobel Prize Laureate
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Nov. 12
Entitlement Spending: The Coming Reckoning
Laurence J. Kotlikoff, Professor of Economics, Boston University, and President, Economic Security Planning Inc.

Sept. 10
The Economics of Rising Oil Prices—What Is the Cause?
James D. Hamilton, Professor of Economics, University of California, San Diego

May 7
The Economics of Immigration
Gordon Hanson, Director of the Center on Pacific Economies and Professor of Economics, University of California, San Diego

Feb. 13
The Economics of Health Care Policy
Joseph Newhouse, John P. MacArthur Professor of Health Policy and Management, Harvard University


Oct. 10
Real-Time China: Exploring China's Emergence as a Market Economy and a Global Player
Dave Altig, Senior Vice President and Director of Research, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta