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The Year in Payments

Dec 19, 2019

While the 2018 momentum of fintech carried over into 2019, processor mergers and acquisitions and faster payments developments became major topics of conversation. Watch our final Talk About Payments webinar of the year to see what made the Retail Payments Risk Forum's list of some of the most important topics of 2019.

Cash in the 21st Century

Oct 10, 2019

Is there still a place for cash? Watch this Talk About Payments webinar, which features payments experts discussing the recent results of the Survey of Consumer Payment Choice and what those findings say about cash.

At the Intersection of Fintech and Financial Inclusion

Aug 22, 2019

With technological innovation booming, many banks and financial service providers are increasingly adopting financial technology, or fintech, to offer easier and faster payments to consumers. But how are these organizations promoting financial inclusion? The next episode of Talk About Payments, on August 22, 2019, will focus on how fintech can increase financial inclusion.

Bridging the Fintech Talent Gap

Mar 21, 2019

In the next episode of our Talk About Payments webinar series, panelists will explore the underlying emerging payments and fintech technologies that are essential core knowledge for the payments workforce. We will also explore initiatives that are under way to bridge the fintech talent gap.

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