ECONversations - November 19, 2014

In a recent ECONversations webcast, our research director notes that growth averaged a strong 4 percent in the second and third quarters. His outlook is for a 3 percent pace of growth for the year.

Economist Says Quality of Life Makes Cities Thrive

Urban economist Matthew Kahn discusses the key factors that will drive highly skilled people to metro areas at an Atlanta Fed Public Affairs Forum.

ViewPoint Live - October 9, 2014

Regional banking conditions have changed significantly. Mike Johnson, senior vice president of the Atlanta Fed's supervision and regulation division, recently discussed the current environment in the Atlanta Fed's first "ViewPoint Live" webcast.

The Fed Explains the Payments System

The latest in the Atlanta Fed's animated video series explores the U.S. payments system, which every day handles millions of transactions between buyers and sellers. Learn about the Fed's role in keeping the nation's payments system secure and efficient.

As We Age, We Get Both Smarter and Less Smart

Academic Eric Johnson explains the impact of intelligence on finances at an Atlanta Fed Public Affairs Forum.

In Crisis, Fed Applied Liquidity Lessons from Depression, Says Historian

What actions should the central bank take during a financial crisis? Historian and Professor Michael Bordo discusses the Federal Reserve's role as lender of last resort.

Commemorating the Centennial: Interview with Gary Richardson

The Federal Reserve's first historian details his role in preserving the Fed's past in this new video.

Stiglitz Asks, Does Excessive Financial Activity Undermine the Economy?

Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz probes high-frequency trading, liquidity, and cross-border money flows at the 2014 Financial Markets Conference.

Quantitative Easing (QE) Lover or Hater? Session Highlights

Panelists from academia, banking, and the Fed Board of Governors deliver diverse views on QE. Watch video highlights.

Are Less Active Markets Safer? Session Highlights

An academic, banker, and high-frequency trader discuss HFT and market efficiency. View video highlights.

Ed DeMarco on the Way Forward for Fannie and Freddie

Federal Housing Finance Agency's Edward DeMarco reflects on the government-sponsored enterprises at the 2014 Financial Markets Conference.

Meltzer and Zervos Debate Capital Requirements for Banks

Carnegie Mellon Professor Allan Meltzer and David Zervos of Jefferies LLC confer over their dissenting views at the 2014 Financial Markets Conference.

Quantitative Easing (QE) Lover or Hater? Complete Session

Panelists from academia, banking, and the Fed Board of Governors deliver diverse views on QE. Watch the video of the entire session.

Allen Addresses the Trade-Offs of Liquidity Regulation

Wharton School Professor Franklin Allen shares his views on the impact of liquidity regulation on the banking sector at the 2014 Financial Markets Conference.

Spring Is in the Air

Business conditions improved modestly in the last six weeks, but some firms suffered disruptions due to the extreme weather. Now that the season's changed to spring, contacts look forward to a continued bounce in the economy. Southeastern Insights examines firms' current sentiments.

Looking Ahead to Banking's Next Chapter

As the banking industry emerges from the financial crisis and adjusts to new regulations, top industry experts shared their views of the challenges, opportunities, and risks facing financial institutions at the 2014 Banking Outlook Conference.

Expert Explores Behavioral Economics as Policy Tool

Behavioral economics—a mix of economics and psychology—studies why people sometimes make irrational financial decisions. At an Atlanta Fed Public Affairs Forum, Professor Glenn Harrison discussed the benefits and challenges of applying behavioral economics to public policy.

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