Atlanta Fed Launches Americas Center

For immediate release: June 14, 2005

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta announced today the launch of its Americas Center, a collaborative effort among the Atlanta Fed’s research, supervision and regulation, and financial services divisions. The Americas Center supports the Atlanta Fed’s undertaking to serve as a knowledge center on Latin American and Caribbean financial markets and institutions. These regions have important economic and financial ties with the Atlanta Fed’s Sixth Federal Reserve District, which covers most of the Southeastern United States. The Americas Center will also serve to foster cooperation and communication with counterparts from these countries. The Americas Center’s online content will provide an information resource to bankers, policy makers, regulators, scholars, researchers and others interested in market and financial institution developments.

The Americas Center home page on the Atlanta Fed’s Web site includes original research, speeches, and presentations on topics including cross-border remittances, foreign correspondent banking, and structural reforms. The site also includes informational links on subjects such as supervision and regulation letters related to international banking, remittances, and anti-money laundering programs.

The Americas Center content is available on the Atlanta Fed’s Web site at, under the category Economic Research and Data. Some content on the site is available in Spanish, and in the near future, additional translated content will be added both in Spanish and Portuguese.

“As a primary goal, the Center will serve as a resource supporting the Atlanta Fed’s research, bank supervision and payments work in the Latin American and Caribbean regions,” said Stephen Kay, coordinator of Latin American analysis in the research department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, and the Bank’s Americas Center coordinator. “But we are also making research and other materials available on the Bank’s Web site to inform external audiences about economic and financial developments in these markets, which have such a strong link to the Southeastern economy.”

The Web site also offers a free e-mail notification service for subscribers who want to be alerted each time new topic-specific content is posted. To receive e-mail alerts, subscribers must register through the site’s WebScriber E-mail and Publication Service.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta serves the Sixth Federal Reserve District, which encompasses Alabama, Florida, Georgia and parts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. As part of the nation’s central banking system, the Atlanta Fed participates in setting national monetary policy, supervises numerous commercial banks and provides a variety of financial services to depository institutions and the U.S. government.


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