Labor Report First Look Tool Debuts

For immediate release: March 9, 2018

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta announced the creation of the Labor Report First Look, a tool that provides a concise view of the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Employment Situation Summary.

The tables and charts in the First Look offer a quick look at current and historical data along with data constructed from the summary. Data in the First Look will be updated with each release of the summary, which usually occurs on the first Friday of each month.

The tool includes charts that examine aspects of the data. One highlight is the One-Month Employment Change Ranked by Industry Hours, which is a depiction of changes in payroll employment by industry. The chart ranks industry employment changes by average hourly pay levels. Another highlight is the Component of Underutilization Rate, computed as the share of the population who are either unemployed or underemployed (working part-time hours but wanting full-time work) or who say they currently want a job but are not actively looking. (This rate is related to the Z-Pop, another statistic we created.)

You can find more information about the tool in a recent macroblog post.

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