Atlanta Fed Releases Revised 1992-95 Seasonally Adjusted Data for Manufacturing Survey

For release Feb. 9, 1996

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta today released annual revisions for seasonally adjusted data for its Survey of Southeastern Manufacturing Conditions. The annual revisions cover the period of Jan. 1992 through Dec. 1995.

The list of series available in seasonally adjusted form has been slightly modified due to changes in test statistics for measures of seasonal stability. These statistics are now based on a four-year time span rather than the three-year period used when the Atlanta Fed first began using the Census Bureau's X11 seasonal adjustment technique with the manufacturing survey data in early 1995.

Series Adjusted Now but Not Previously
Six-months from Now:

  • supplier delivery time

Series Not Adjusted Now but Adjusted Previously
Six-months from Now:

  • new export orders

The series for month-ago prices received for finished product and supplier delivery time are not adjusted now and were not adjusted previously.

Revised historical data are available on the Commerce Department's Economic Bulletin Board or on the Atlanta Fed's Internet World Wide Web site at "". The January survey release date is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 13, 1996.

NOTE: The Atlanta Fed's survey covers the Sixth Federal Reserve District, which includes Alabama, Florida, and Georgia, and portions of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee. The plants surveyed represent a cross-section of industries in the region. For background on the Survey of Southeastern Manufacturing Conditions, see the article by R. Mark Rogers, "Tracking Manufacturing: The Survey of Southeastern Manufacturing Conditions," in the September/October 1992 issue of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta's Economic Review.


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