First Quarter, Volume 12, Number 1

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Volume 12, Number 1
First Quarter 2010
Photo of classified ads Employment Survey Delivers JOLTS
The Job Opening and Labor Turnover Survey—more often known as JOLTS—allows a closer look at changes in the job market. During times of high unemployment, the insights gleaned from JOLTS are especially noteworthy.
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Podcast logo In EconSouth Now, listen to Julie Hotchkiss and Menbere Shiferaw of the Atlanta Fed's research department discuss the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey and the region's changing employment landscape.

Photo of 2 dice The Role of the Dice
State governments have reaped big windfalls from legalized forms of gambling, including lotteries and casinos. But shrinking revenue streams and growing budget demands beg the question of whether governments have become too reliant on gaming.
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Photo of international money

Brazil and Peru Economies Set to Flourish in Postrecession World
Farsighted investments in infrastructure and policy reforms have enabled two South American economies to rebound from economic challenges that many economies around the world have found much more intractable.
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Photo of fishing boats

Southeastern Fishing Faces Strong Currents
Fishing has been a staple of the Southeastern economy for centuries. But growing competition from imports and setbacks by Mother Nature have caused a historically robust industry to struggle.
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