Fourth Quarter, Volume 12, Number 4

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Volume 12, Number 4
Fourth Quarter 2010
Good News, Bad News in 2010 Color Outlook for 2011 Good News, Bad News in 2010 Color Outlook for 2011
The national economy has recently exhibited some signs of renewed health, but it has also encountered some significant headwinds. Although the economy in 2011 is poised for growth, some fundamentals bear watching.
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Podcast logo In EconSouth Now, listen to Julie Hotchkiss of the Atlanta Fed's research department discuss our nation's economy in the wake of the crisis and as we head into the next year.

Regional The Big Impact of Small Business
Small business—long one of the primary engines of the economy—endured a particularly difficult time during the recession, and the sector is just beginning to exhibit signs of a rebound. How will today's tight credit markets affect small businesses as they retrench for tomorrow's challenges?
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International Uncertainty Lies Ahead for the World Economy
The recent financial crisis raced around the globe, touching virtually every major economy. Since then, the rate of recovery is varying dramatically among economies. This uneven recovery and the possibility of diverging trade and monetary policies combine to create a 2011 rife with uncertainty.
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Image of southeast map The Southeast in 2011
Despite its previous robust growth, the Southeast didn't escape the recession unscathed. As the regional economy emerges from a slump that hit virtually every sector, in 2011 the region is hoping to recapture the growth that had made it one of the nation's fastest-growing areas.
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