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Cap in Hand: The High Cost of Higher Education
Today's college-bound students have to decide not only which colleges to apply to but also how to pay for school: an increasingly daunting proposition. The cost of postsecondary education continues its skyward trajectory, and remedies to slow its ascent are in scant supply.
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Agritourism Takes Root in the Southeast
Increasing numbers of people are going back to the farming lifestyle—at least as tourists. Agritourism, a leisure activity that melds modern-day agriculture with tourism, is growing in popularity across the region as urban residents seek to play in the dirt again.
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Brazil's Oil Discoveries Bring New Challenges
Brazil's discovery of large offshore oil reserves will likely make it a significant player in world energy markets. But would a sudden influx of resource wealth be accompanied by undesirable economic effects?
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In EconSouth Now, listen to Laurel Graefe and Stephen Kay of the Atlanta Fed's research department discuss whether the discovery of large petroleum reserves off the coast of Brazil has the potential to raise the country's profile as a petroleum exporter even as it remains a large producer of alternative energy. But could a sudden influx of wealth into the Brazilian economy pose its own risks?