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2011's Reluctant Recovery: Breaking Through in 2012?
The U.S. economy showed some vitality entering 2011, and economists predicted modest growth. But by summer, events threatened to derail the economy once again. EconSouth highlights the nation's economy in 2011, and looks at what could be in store for 2012.
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Julie Hotchkiss of the Atlanta Fed's research department discusses the regional and national economy in 2011 and factors that could influence the economy in the coming years.

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The Southeast Struggles to Recover
Economic recovery in the Southeast in 2011 fell somewhere between sluggish and fitful. For every bright spot, numerous drags on progress remain. Fourth quarter EconSouth asks, will the region begin to regain the dynamism in 2012 that was once its economic hallmark?
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Shocks Unbalance the Global Economy
A number of shocks slowed the global economic recovery in 2011, with emerging economies on the whole faring better than the advanced economies. The fourth quarter issue of EconSouth summarizes the 2011 world economy, and looks ahead to 2012.
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