Out of the South: Exports Buoy Region's Economy

Volume 14 Number 2
Second Quarter 2012

energyU.S. exports have been a key driver of economic growth since the 2007–09 recession, both in the Southeast and on a national level. In "Out of the South: Exports Buoy Region's Economy," EconSouth staff writer Lela Somoza takes a look at the factors that are boosting the region's exports.

Chief among them is strong growth in developing economies, particularly China and Brazil, two key markets for southeastern goods. Both are among the top five export markets for the region.

International travel to the United States has also been a strong source of export growth, she explains, with foreign visits to the country reaching a record 62 million in 2011. This trend is especially evident in Florida, one of the nation's most popular destinations for international visitors.

To learn more about factors driving the region's exports, read the full article in the second quarter issue of EconSouth, available online and in print. Also, don't miss the Q & A featuring Jerry Hingle, president and chief executive officer of the Southern United States Trade Association, in which he discusses the important role of agricultural exports in the region's economy.