The Southeast's Sunny Spring Yields to an Overcast Fall

Volume 14, Number 4
Fourth Quarter 2012

real estate graphicWhat started out as a promising year for the Southeast economy eventually gave way to slower growth later in 2012, writes Atlanta Fed Vice President Mike Chriszt in "A Bumpy, Apprehensive Recovery in the Southeast."

Appearing in the fourth-quarter issue of EconSouth, the article discusses key factors that influenced the regional economy's timid expansion in 2012, including mixed progress in manufacturing. The article also draws on anecdotal information from the Atlanta Fed's business contacts in the region.

Several factors point to an improving situation in 2013, including signs of improvement in the housing sector, but downside risks to the outlook remain. Controlling costs emerged as a central theme for Southeastern businesses due to higher energy and crop-related input prices. These, along with rising health care costs, present significant challenges, Chriszt notes.

To learn more, see the full article in the latest issue of EconSouth, available online or in print. And for more insight, check out a related EconSouth Now podcast with Atlanta Fed research economist Chris Cunningham.