Volume 16, Number 2
May-August 2014



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Tracking the Economy: An Old Industry Chugs Along
One of the country's early infrastructure projects was also one of its most ambitious, and its success has endured: the freight railroad system. Despite profound changes in the U.S. economy, railroads still play a vital role in commerce.
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Brew Diligence: The Growth of Craft Beer in the Southeast
The craft beer renaissance has brought benefits that have spilled over into the region's economy, contributing billions of dollars in economic impact and thousands of jobs. In a region long dominated by national brands, small makers are slowly establishing a firmer foothold.
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Multifamily Housing: The New American Dream?
Multifamily housing starts have seen nearly four consecutive years of growth, and some observers have begun to wonder if this real estate sector is becoming overheated. How much apartment construction is under way, and is it sustainable?
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Making Change: What Bitcoin Could Mean to the Payments Industry
When it comes to bitcoin, misconceptions—benign and otherwise—abound. But as the currency strives for mainstream acceptance, can bitcoin become a serious contender in the payments arena?
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