EconSouth masthead
Volume 16, Number 2
May–August 2014


Lynne Anservitz
Editorial Director

Tom Heintjes
Managing Editor

Nancy Condon
Jeanne Zimmermann
Associate Editors

Stephen Kay
Contributing Editor

Charles Davidson
Lela Somoza
Staff Writer

Galina Alexeenko
Troy Balthrop
Jessica Dill
Carl Hudson
Sadat Karim
Nicholas Parker
Shalini Patel
Contributing Writers

Peter Hamilton
Odie Swanegan

Editorial Committee

Robin Ratliff
AVP and Public Information Officer

Michael Chriszt
VP and Public Affairs Officer

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Editor's note: Throughout this issue, Southeast refers to the six states that, in whole or in part, make up the Sixth Federal Reserve District: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.