Volume 16, Number 3
September-December 2014



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Divergence: Wealth and Income Inequality in the United States
Some economists have sounded an alarm about growing income inequality in the United States. How significant are the long-term implications of income inequality for the U.S. economy and its productivity?
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Another Year of Modest Growth for the Southeast
The Southeast spent much of 2014 in an ongoing struggle to attain prerecession levels in employment, home prices, and construction. In some ways, the region made considerable progress, but consistent growth remains elusive. Is 2015 shaping up to be the year the region regains ongoing traction?
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This issue also features a podcast with Mike Chriszt and Shalini Patel of the Atlanta Fed, who discuss the performance of the regional economy in 2014 and some ideas of how the economy might perform in 2015.

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As the World Turns (Sluggishly)
A wide array of events—some foreseen, some not—combined to restrain global economic growth in 2014. Abundant risks to growth lurk on the horizon, so 2015 might also experience slower-than-hoped economic expansion.
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