First Quarter, Volume 11, Number 1

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Volume 11, Number 1
First Quarter 2009


On Point

Fed @ Issue With David Altig

Grassroots: Baton Rouge, La.

Q & A: Roger H. Reisert


Closing Numbers


Now and Then

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Photo of a lumber truck Forest Products Industry Has Deep Southern Roots

With plentiful indigenous resources, the forest products industry has long been an important part of the region's economy, employing thousands of people and generating billions of dollars. But with a recession and global trade pressures, the industry faces daunting challenges.

Image depicting a criminal running Paying for Crime and Punishment

Criminals aren't the only ones who pay for their crimes—so does everyone else, in the form of taxes to build and operate prisons and put police on the streets. With a slow economy contributing to a rise in crime, the associated costs may also be on the rise.
Audio icon Podcast on the economic impact of crime (MP3 9:35)

Photo of China manufacturing Credit Storm Sinking Global Trade

International trade flourished in the booming global economy. But just as the rising tide of global trade lifted all ships, the worldwide recession has forced some governments to finance the trade that private enterprise had funded in more prosperous times.
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