Second Quarter, Volume 11, Number 2

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Volume 11, Number 2
Second Quarter 2009


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Grassroots: Hattiesburg, Miss.

Q & A: Clint Mueller


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Now and Then

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Photo of bank tellers Southeastern Banks: In the Eye of the Storm

When real estate investments began going bad, they weighed heavily on banks—especially those in the Southeast, where real estate development had become a major economic driver for the region. Banks' return to health is closely tied to real estate's rebound.

property reduced for sale sign State and Local Budgets Hinge on Economic Recovery

During a recession, consumers try to tighten their belts and spend less. Regional governments, however, have seen demand for their services increase even as the revenues needed to pay for those services have declined along with sales and property tax collections.

Photo of state house and calculator Strong Medicine for an Ailing Economy

Disruptions in the financial sector have made the recession unusually persistent. To combat the forces impeding an economic turnaround, the Fed has developed a potent arsenal of tools to foster recovery and revitalize markets.
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