EconSouth (First Quarter 2009)

Closing Numbers
Percentage of U.S. exports shipped to developing countries
Source: From EconSouth's article, "Credit Storm Sinking Global Trade"
The price of an Atlanta-made Ford truck in 1947 when the first one rolled off the assembly line
Source: Ford Motor Company
The annual per capita cost of crime in the United States in 2007
Source: From EconSouth's article, "Paying for Crime and Punishment"
The year Key West, Fla., was connected to the mainland by rail
Source: Library of Congress; photo courtesy of Library of Congress photographic archives
Photo of Key West in 1912
$8.7 billion
The combined annual earnings of the 197,000 people in the Southeast who work in the forestry and logging, wood products, and pulp and paper industries in 2007
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
  Photo of Timothy Geithner
The number of U.S. Secretaries of the Treasury prior to the newest, Timothy Geithner (formerly president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York)
Source: U.S. Treasury Department
$14 trillion
Amount, in U.S. dollars, of annual global trade
Source: From EconSouth's article, "Credit Storm Sinking Global Trade"
The amount Atlanta's Asa Candler paid chemist John Pemberton for the Coca-Cola formula he created
Source: The Coca-Cola Company

Photo of a stack of $10 bills38,000,000
The number of U.S. currency notes produced every business day (as of 2007) by the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Source: U.S. Treasury Department