EconSouth (First Quarter 2009)

On Point

About this issue

This year marks the 10th anniversary of EconSouth. We hope you've noticed from the cover that the magazine has a new look. You'll also find changes in our content, both in print and online. In this new "On Point" column, the editorial staff will highlight some of the content you'll see in the issue.

Since the magazine's inception, our goal has been to present articles and features that capture economic trends in the Southeast as well as nationally and internationally. We strive to provide economic data and analysis that give our readers an accurate picture of factors driving the economy.

Toward that end, EconSouth now offers a special section on the Atlanta Fed's new Regional Economic Information Network (REIN). This section of the magazine contains several regular features: A "Regional Update" column provides analysis of either a particular economic sector or a broader range of issues. "Data Corner" focuses on a specific data series or indicator, such as this quarter's piece on unemployment. Another feature spotlights the D6 Factor, the Atlanta Fed's unique Southeastern economic indicator, a composite of many data series that provides a timely snapshot of the regional economy. "On the Ground" highlights the work of one of our five regional executives in gathering grassroots economic information. Finally, the REIN section is rounded out with a feature on regional university studies that help to inform our understanding of the economy as well as "Econ 101," a primer on an economic topic.

The new EconSouth also retains what we feel is the core of our magazine: three or more substantive articles on issues that drive the economy, such as this quarter's "Forest Products Industry Has Deep Southern Roots," "Paying for Crime and Punishment," and "Credit Storm Sinking Global Trade." You will also continue to see other familiar features, including "Fed @ Issue," "Grassroots," and "Q & A."

Finally, in addition to our new REIN pages, we've added a lighter feature at the back of the magazine called "Closing Numbers," which provides tidbits of interesting economic information.

If you are a regular visitor to EconSouth online at, you'll also find a new look there, including expansions of some of our print stories and "Q & A," along with our EconSouth Now podcast series.

We hope you enjoy the changes we've launched in our 10th year of EconSouth, and we welcome your feedback. E-mail us at

Lynne Anservitz
Editorial Director