EconSouth (Second Quarter 2009)

Closing Numbers
Amount, in billions, that Americans spent on computer equipment and software in 2006 compared with $8.9 billion in 1990
Source: U.S. Census Bureau
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Percent decline in tourists visiting Florida in the first quarter of 2009 compared with the same period in 2008
Florida State Tourism Board, as cited in EconSouth's "Fed @ Issue"


Number, in millions, of people in the United States in tourism-related employment in the third quarter of 2008
Source: U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis


The year the French founded New Orleans, which was named for Philippe II, the Duke of Orléans and the regent of France
The Dow Jones industrial average on July 17, 2007
Source: Wall Street Journal
Percent decline in Miami-area home prices since that market's 2007 peak
Source: Case-Shiller index, as cited in EconSouth's article, "Strong Medicine for an Ailing Economy"
Number, in millions, of U.S. businesses owned by women in 2002
Source: U.S. Census Bureau
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Amount, in billions, Southeastern states stand to receive in federal stimulus funds
Source: From EconSouth's article, "State and Local Budgets Hinge on Economic Recovery"

Photo of an older model TV

Number, in millions, of U.S. homes that had been receiving analog television signals on June 13, when the switch to digital broadcasting occurred
Source: USA Today