D6 Factor - May 2008

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D6 Factor
D6 Factor
Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
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D6 Factor

May 2008

The D6 factor was –4.4 percent in April 2008 on a year-over-year basis, the lowest value on record since the start of the series in May 1991. (The historical trend growth rate is normalized to zero in the chart; numbers below zero reflect below-trend growth). The downward movement in the D6 Factor that started in the first half of 2006 has become noticeably steeper over the past 12 months.

Note that estimates of the D6 Factor for prior months were also revised somewhat because of the incorporation of data from January to April 2008, revisions to some source data, and the removal of Louisiana sales tax revenue data as a component series because of the significant lag in the publication of that data.