Jacksonville Branch of the Sixth Federal Reserve District

800 Water Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32204

Jacksonville Branch Research Team
Sarah Arteaga, Director
Email: Sarah.E.Arteaga@atl.frb.org

Chris Viets, Senior Analyst
Email: Chris.J.Viets@atl.frb.org

Tour Program
Lesley Mace

Atlanta Fed Goes to the Grassroots: Observing What's Happening in the Economy

Watch a North Florida business leader help the Atlanta Fed stay plugged in to day-to-day commerce, or read the transcript.

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Regional Economic Information Network (REIN) Vice President and Regional Executive Chris Oakley

Chris Oakley
Vice President & Coordinating Regional Executive

"Our goal is to connect with leaders in communities, businesses, nonprofits, government, and academia to obtain a holistic picture of the economy." See Chris's bio here.

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