Atlanta Fed Grassroots Transcript

Carolyn Fennell
Board of Directors
Jacksonville Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta


Carolyn Fennell (voiceover): I'm Carolyn Fennell; I'm the senior director of Public Affairs and Community Relations for the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.

The airport is a connector to a community that is the most visited community in the country, with over 66 million visitors annually.

My partnership with the Atlanta Fed helps in many ways. One, it's a tremendous honor to be affiliated. The other part is I learn how to observe what's going on based on the economists that I get to talk to. And most of all, in the airport business, we're looking at trends: Where are people coming from? What are they doing?

People can't believe that I'm engaged in it. I'm not an economist, I'm not a financier—but I certainly am at the heart of observing what's going on in the community. I meet frequently with our Bank representative, and we talk about what's happening with the economy. We talk about everything from people renting cars to what's happening at the barber and the beauty shop.
Fennell (to Chris Oakley, vice president and regional executive, Jacksonville Branch): So we've removed the moving sidewalks, added more seating....

Fennell (voiceover): It's bringing anecdotal or "main street" information to the economists. Right now, many of our community leaders know our representative by name, by first name, because of the frequency of visits and because of the message that's given, that the Federal Reserve Bank does want to hear from the community.