About Us

  • Introduction

    Functionally, REIN encompasses a set of activities by Atlanta-based staff and regional executives to gather data on regional economic activity, both qualitative and quantitative, in a systematic way.

    In addition to branch boards of directors and industry-specific advisory councils, regional executives have hundreds of contacts who are drawn from large businesses and small firms from all sectors of the economy and representatives from community groups. Regional executives meet frequently with individual businesses, collections of small and large firms, and community groups to assess current economic conditions and outlooks.

    These meetings provide the Atlanta Fed firsthand knowledge about trends and developments affecting demand, costs and prices, employment, investment, and exports and imports. The process helps Atlanta Fed staff form a view of the economy and inflation risks. Regional executives also have relationships with leading academics through the Atlanta Fed's Local Economic Analysis and Research Network (LEARN) program.

    Ongoing dialogue

    When contacts talk to our regional executives, they are speaking to Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart and through him to the Federal Open Market Committee.

    This broad range of contacts provides a representative picture of economic conditions across the region. The Bank's economists and regional executives brief President Lockhart on a regular basis on economic data reports and REIN intelligence, discussing and interpreting this information and addressing items of special interest.

    Economists and analysts at the Atlanta Fed also gather qualitative data from periodic surveys of southeastern business contacts as well as quantitative economic data. Combining REIN input from businesses and community groups allows the Atlanta Fed's input into the monetary policymaking process to be deep, broad, and inclusive.

    Sharing information

    REIN is not only about bringing information into the monetary policymaking process, it's about sharing information with our contacts and the public.

    Meetings also give the regional executives the opportunity to explain the Fed's view on the economy and address any questions that our business and community contacts may have. This open exchange of information and opinions help build relationships and understanding.

  • Staff


    Galina Alexeenko
    REIN Director
    Email: galina.alexeenko@atl.frb.org

    Shalini Patel
    REIN Director
    Email: shalini.patel@atl.frb.org


    Lesley McClure
    Vice President and Regional Executive
    Email: lesley.mcclure@atl.frb.org

    Teri Gafford
    REIN Director
    Email: teri.gafford@atl.frb.org

    Susan Remy
    REIN Analyst
    Email: susan.f.remy@atl.frb.org


    Christopher Oakley
    Vice President and Regional Executive
    Email: chris.oakley@atl.frb.org

    Sarah Arteaga
    REIN Director
    Email: sarah.e.arteaga@atl.frb.org

    Chris Viets
    Senior REIN Analyst
    Email: chris.j.viets@atl.frb.org


    Karen Gilmore
    Vice President and Regional Executive
    Email: karen.b.gilmore@atl.frb.org

    Marycela Diaz-Unzalu
    Senior REIN Analyst
    Email: marycela.diaz-unzalu@atl.frb.org

    Marianela Bonet
    Research Administrative Analyst
    Email: marianela.bonet@atl.frb.org


    Lee Jones
    Vice President and Regional Executive
    Email: lee.jones@atl.frb.org

    Laurel Graefe
    REIN Director
    Email: laurel.graefe@atl.frb.org

    Troy Balthrop
    Senior REIN Analyst
    Email: troy.balthrop@atl.frb.org

    New Orleans

    Adrienne Slack
    Vice President and Regional Executive
    Email: adrienne.c.slack@atl.frb.org

    Gail Psilos
    REIN Director
    Email: gail.k.psilos@atl.frb.org

    Rebekah Durham
    Economic Policy Analysis Specialist
    Email: rebekah.b.durham@atl.frb.org

  • Advisory Councils

    The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta uses councils representing various industries, such as agriculture and energy, that advise the Bank on matters of economic importance in the Sixth District. These advisory councils provide an important channel of communication between the Bank and constituents in the Sixth District business community and enrich the Atlanta Fed's discussion of monetary policy with this valuable information and insight.


    The Agriculture Advisory Council is made up of 13 members throughout the district who represent diverse agriculture and agribusiness interests from citrus, cotton, timber, and row crop farming to cattle, rice, and grain exporting. Council members offer the Atlanta Fed their unique perspectives on current and projected economic conditions.

    David Bertrand
    Bertrand Rice LLC

    Lorraine Bertrand
    Bertrand Rice LLC

    Donna Jo Curtis
    Curtis Farm

    Marsha Folsom
    Chief Development Officer
    Resource Fiber LLC

    Mike Giles
    Georgia Poultry Federation

    George F. Hamner Jr.
    Indian River Exchange Packers Inc.

    Bart Krisle
    Chief Executive Officer
    Tennessee Farmers Cooperative

    Gaylon Lawrence
    The Lawrence Group

    Larkin Martin
    Martin Farms

    James H. Sanford
    Chairman of the Board
    HOME Place Farms

    Gray Skipper
    Vice President
    Scotch Plywood Company Inc.

    Robert M. Thomas
    Two Rivers Ranch Inc.

    John D. Williams
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Zen-Noh Grain Corporation


    The Energy Advisory Council meets with members of the energy industry to consider all facets of the industry. The council investigates trends in the oil-related industries, nationally and globally, which in turn helps inform the Atlanta Fed's assessment of the economy and its monetary policy deliberations.

    Kenneth Beer
    Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
    Stone Energy

    W. Paul Bowers
    Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer
    Georgia Power Company

    Charles Goodson
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    PetroQuest Energy

    Luke Kissam
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Albemarle Corp.

    Mark Maisto
    President, Commodities and Retail Markets
    Nextera Energy

    Michael Mansfield
    Chief Executive Officer
    Mansfield Oil Company

    Jeff Platt
    President and Chief Executive Officer

    John Ramil
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    TECO Energy

    Earl Shipp
    Vice President
    Dow Chemical Texas Operations

    Stephen Toups
    Corporate Vice President
    Turner Industries

    Trade and transportation

    The Trade and Transportation Advisory Council affords the Bank a deeper insight into key economic information related to the transportation and domestic and international trade sectors in the Sixth District. The council representatives have extensive knowledge in such areas as trucking, rail, maritime shipping, ports, and air cargo. By providing an important channel of communication between the Bank and important constituents in the region's business community, the council assists in the Bank's assessment of the economy and, ultimately, in its monetary policy deliberations.

    Adriene Bailey
    Chief Strategy Officer
    Yusen Logistics (Americas) Inc.

    Mark Bostick
    COMCAR Industries

    Mary K. Cavarra
    Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
    Ingram Industries Inc.

    Clarence Gooden
    Executive Vice President
    CSX Transportation

    James R. Hertwig
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Florida East Coast Railway

    Griffith Lynch
    Executive Director
    Georgia Ports Authority

    Deborah A. McDowell
    Director of Customer Service and Business Development

    Clifford K. Otto
    Saddle Creek Logistics Services

    David Parker
    Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer
    Covenant Transportation

    Andy Powell
    Vice President and General Manager
    Grieg Star

    Ken Roberts

    Kim Wyant
    President–Florida District

    Travel and tourism

    The Travel and Tourism Advisory Council members offer up-to-date economic information on their respective sectors, which include convention and visitors' bureaus, cruise lines, airports, restaurants, entertainment, and hotels. The council provides valuable intelligence on economic factors such as costs, prices, labor, investments, and more on an ongoing basis.

    Lesz Banham
    Vice President Financial Planning and Communications
    Walt Disney Parks and Resorts U.S.

    Susannah Costello
    Vice President, Global Brand

    Robert Dearden
    Chief Operating Officer
    The Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association

    Shelly Smith Fano
    Director of Hospitality Management
    Miami Dade College

    Amanda Hite
    President and Chief Operating Officer
    Smith Travel Research

    Ina Lee
    TravelHost of Greater Fort Lauderdale

    Jason Liberty
    Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
    Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

    Mark Romig
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation

    Mark Vaughan
    Executive Vice President and
    Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
    Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau

    Alvin L. West
    Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President
    Finance and Administration
    Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau

    Andrew Wexler
    Chief Executive Officer
    Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation