Americas Center®

The Americas Center's mission involves better supervising constituencies, strengthening the Federal Reserve System's and Sixth Federal Reserve District's voice and influence in hemispheric policymaking, and adding value to evolving regional payment processing.

Center for Financial Innovation and Stability (CenFIS)

The aim of CenFIS is to advance knowledge of financial innovation and stability and the connection between the two, especially in regard to Federal Reserve policymaking. The center supports and disseminates research on those topics—both original work on economic issues and research on the effects of government policies. The center's monthly online newsletter, Notes from the Vault, focuses on timely issues in financial markets.

Center for Human Capital Studies (CHCS)

As part of the U.S. central bank—which has a dual mandate to promote price stability and maximum employment—the Atlanta Fed has a natural interest in deepening its understanding of labor force dynamics and workforce development issues. The Center for Human Capital Studies supports those efforts through its research, as well as by offering such resources as conferences, seminars, and labor market tracking tools.

Center for Quantitative Economic Research (CQER)

The mission of the CQER is to advance empirical research in economics and promote forecasting models usable in studying policy. The Atlanta Fed has long been noted for expertise in sophisticated models used to help forecast economic activity. The CQER serves to focus that expertise on informing economic and monetary policy.

Center for Real Estate Analytics

The center brings together subject experts and numerous data sources to provide useful information to our constituents—consumers, banks, academia, organizations, and government—on myriad subjects related to real estate, finance, and the economy. It provides information and research to highlight and define real estate activity within the Southeast and the national landscape.