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Chris Cunningham

Research Economist and Associate Adviser
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  • Biography

    Christopher C. Cunningham is a research economist and policy adviser in the research department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Dr. Cunningham’s work has examined issues of land development and housing supply, the intersection of mortgage and labor markets, education in the developing world, agglomeration and worker’s skills, and the political economy of the property tax. He has published papers in several leading journals including the Review of Economics and Statistics, the Journal of Urban Economics, the National Tax Journal, and Regional Science and Urban Economics. Dr. Cunningham is also a distinguished visiting scholar at Emory University and a former visiting scholar at Université Catholique de Louvain. He received his PhD in economics in 2005 from Syracuse University and his undergraduate degree in economics from George Washington University.

  • Working Papers

    Atlanta Fed Working Papers

    Fracking and Mortgage Default
    Chris Cunningham, Kristopher Gerardi, and Yannan Shen
    March 2017
    Abstract | Full text Adobe PDF file format (2,647 KB)

    Estimating the Holdout Problem in Land Assembly
    Chris Cunningham
    December 2013
    Abstract | Full text Adobe PDF file format (163 KB)

    Do Homeowners Associations Mitigate or Aggravate Negative Spillovers from Neighboring Homeowner Distress?
    Ron Cheung, Chris Cunningham, and Rachel Meltzer
    December 2013
    Abstract | Full text Adobe PDF file format (348 KB)

    Housing Wealth and Wage Bargaining
    Chris Cunningham and Robert R. Reed
    December 2012
    Abstract | Full text Adobe PDF file format (289 KB)

    Who Supports Portable Assessment Caps?: The Role of Lock-Ins, Tax Share, and Mobility
    Ron Cheung and Chris Cunningham
    Revised October 2010
    Abstract | Full text Adobe PDF file format (1.9 MB)

  • Other Fed Work


    Chris Cunningham. "Smart Growth and Rebuilding the Mississippi Gulf Coast" 2006. EconSouth (2006 No2).

    Blog Posts

    Chris Cunningham and Mike Eriksen. "Tax Reform's Effect on Low-Income Housing." Atlanta Fed's Real Estate Research. March 2, 2018.

    Chris Cunningham. "Limiting Property Tax Assessment to Slow Gentrification." Atlanta Fed's Real Estate Research. March 27, 2014.


    Chris Cunningham. "How Fracking Affects Home Valuesvideo file" ECONversations. June 19, 2018.

    Podcast Episodes podcast

    Chris Cunningham. "Examining the Southeast's Water Supply." Southeastern Economic Perspectives. January 3, 2008.