Frequently Asked Questions

How should I read the Inflation Dashboard?

orange arrow marker
The orange triangle shows the percentile rank for the first principal component of the underlying series. The percentile is the three-month moving average relative to the 10-year history.
green arrow marker
The green triangle depicts the most recent three-month rate.
boundary icon
The horizontal boundaries represent the largest and smallest three-month trends for the series over the past 10 years.
blue shading box
The blue shading shows "typical" growth rates, defined as the 10th through the 90th percentile of the three-month rate over the past 10 years.
left facing arrow
The left-facing arrow indicates the three-month trend is smaller than the 12-month growth rate for the series.
right facing arrow
The right-facing arrow indicates the three-month trend is larger than the 12-month growth rate for the series.

How do I navigate through the Inflation Dashboard?
Click on a category or show/hide components to reveal the underlying series that helps determine the percentile calculation. Click on the name of a data series to view a 10-year time series line graph and a link to the data source.

What is the data frequency, and how often are data updated?
All 30 data series in the dashboard are monthly series. The dashboard is updated once or twice a week, based roughly on the data release schedule for that week, and the date of the last update is posted in the top right-hand corner of the Inflation Dashboard home page.

May I copy the dashboard charts to use elsewhere?
You are welcome to use Inflation Dashboard content, as long as it is attributed to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

Where can I find the underlying data for a given data series?
Click on the source line on the bottom right side of any historical line graph to navigate to the source's web page.

chart example

I have a question or suggestion about the Inflation Dashboard. Whom should I contact?
We welcome feedback about the dashboard. Please click here to share your thoughts.