Financial Highlights: Federal Reserve - Fed Treasury & MBS Purchases - August 5, 2009

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Federal Reserve




The Fed made two purchases of Treasury securities during the past week totaling more than $13.7 billion.




The Fed purchased $20.2 billion of MBS.

· The Fed purchased $6.496 billion in Treasury securities on July 30, focused in the three–to-four year sector, and another $7.248 billion on August 5 with maturities between four and seven years.

· To date, the Fed has purchased $236 billion of Treasuries and will purchase up to $300 billion by autumn.

· The Fed purchased a net total of 20.2 billion of agency-backed MBS between July 23 and 29, bringing its total purchases up to $702 billion. The Fed has agreed to purchase up to $1.25 trillion by year-end.

Source: NY Fed

Source: NY Fed

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