• photo illustration of a pile of colored question mark-shaped blocks
    Get a financial tip in Economy Matters about financial resources to address these uncertain times.
  • photograph of a 100-dollar bill bound with chains and a padlock
    Learn how to keep your finances safe from identity theft and fraud.
  • cutout in the shape of a piggy bank revealing dollar bill behind
    Set your savings goals as part of America Saves Week.
  • Atlanta Federal Reserve building boardroom
    The new video discusses how the Fed's interest rate changes affect our lives, with active-learning exercises accompanying the video.
  • stack of $100 bills as seen through a transparent electronic stock exchange board with data on it
    This lesson allows students to "unlock" the mystery behind the math with answers that open a combination lock and solve a timeline puzzle.
  • person facing the viewer while holding magnifying glass over a transparent surface with various charts and data
    Begin 2020 with a sharp focus on your finances.


illustration of two people with oversized magnifying glasses, in chaotic wind of charts on paper

Our series of rich and detailed infographics for use in the classroom. You can request print copies using our online order form.

Maximum Employment Matters

logo for Maximum Employment Matters

Our new webinar series examines industries that drive the southeastern economy and employment opportunities in each field.

Teacher Workshops and Events

Atlanta Fed's Teacher Workshops

Our professional development programs are designed to enhance classroom instruction of the Federal Reserve System, economics, personal finance, and related topics.