• man holding large credit card to payment terminal with touchless pay indicator
    Is the time right for no-touch payments to become a thing? Read Take On Payments for a discussion.
  • bank columns linked to cloud with padlock that is then connected to a computer screen
    This project examines how benefits cliffs reduce the financial incentive for low-income individuals to enroll in training for a higher-paying job, work more hours, or advance in their career.
  • Economy Matters summarizes the Atlanta Fed’s Home Ownership Affordability Monitor, which discusses factors influencing national and regional home affordability.
  • two anthropomorphized checks, one in front of the other, the one in foreground holding pen
    Checks are still alive and kicking, according to the new Check Sample Survey report. Read Take On Payments for highlights.
  • illustration of a mobile phone and credit cards
    U.S. consumers made more than half of their payments in 2019 with cards. For details, read the Atlanta Fed's 2019 Diary of Consumer Payment Choice.
  • To learn about the results of the 2018 Check Sample Survey, register for the next Talk About Payments webinar.