• illustration of one person in a suite holding wallet with bills sticking out and the other person in overalls giving the thumbs up, shaking hands
    Friendly fraud ranges from confusion about a transaction to criminal intent. Read Take On Payments for a friendly fraud primer.
  • Board of Governors building exterior viewed at an angle from the right
    The minutes of last month's Federal Open Market Committee meeting have been released.
  • In "ViewPoint," the Atlanta Fed's Supervision, Regulation, and Credit Division discusses changes to appraisal requirements on certain real estate transactions.
  • woman holding coffee cup up to mouth to drink
    How are payments and coffee similar? Read Take On Payments to learn about an upcoming webinar on payments choice.
  • Brian Bailey, a commercial real estate subject matter expert at the Atlanta Fed, during the recording of a podcast episode.
    The Economy Matters podcast talks to an Atlanta Fed real estate specialist about factors behind the commercial real estate's strength. podcast
  • illustration of 2 arms in front of a computer screen that says 'pay for unlock', one with prison stripes holding a key, the other holding pile of money
    Read Take on Payments for its take on whether paying ransoms will lead to more attacks.