Human Capital Working Papers

Below is a selection of the Atlanta Fed's working paper series that focus on the topic of human capital. You can also view the complete collection of papers produced by the economists in our Research Department.


Killer Debt: The Impact of Debt on Mortality

Laura M. Argys, Andrew I. Friedson, and M. Melinda Pitts
Working Paper 2016-14 (November)
The authors explore the impact of severely delinquent debt and creditworthiness on health. They find that delinquent debt resulting from a financial crisis has lasting effects on health that are substantial enough to increase mortality rates.

Wage Determination in Social Occupations: The Role of Individual Social Capital

Julie L. Hotchkiss and Anil Rupasingha
Working Paper 2016-12 (November)
The authors examine factors explaining the difference in wages observed between social and nonsocial occupations. Much of the difference is explained by unobserved ways workers in those occupations differ from one another.

A Quantitative Theory of Time-Consistent Unemployment Insurance

Yun Pei and Zoe Xie
Working Paper 2016-11 (November)
The authors find that federal government's discretionary extensions of unemployment insurance (UI) during recessions can be explained by a lack of policy commitment. Our model suggests that a lower unemployment rate could have been achieved if the government had been able to commit to no UI extensions during the 2008–09 recession. Although the extensions led to ex post higher welfare during 2008–13, extensions would not necessarily be welfare improving for a shorter and less severe recession.

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