2003 Conference: Monetary Policy and Learning

A conference sponsored by
The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

March 21-22, 2003

Learning is central to monetary policy: The monetary authorities learn about the economy as they try to achieve their goals, the public learns about policymakers’ objectives, and its learning, in turn, changes the way monetary policy works. Yet the topic of learning and monetary policy has until recently been overlooked in academic and policy circles. A new strand of the literature in macroeconomics is changing this state of affairs. This conference brings together some of the main contributors to this literature.

The conference features ten presentations of academic papers; each presentation is followed by a discussant’s comments and an open-floor discussion of the paper and related issues. Highlights include dinner speaker Lars Svensson of Princeton University and closing speaker Ben Bernanke of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. The conference will be held in the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s conference center.

Program Agenda