"They're Really Punching above Their Own Weight": Venture Capital and Firm Growth

11/19/2019 - What role does venture capital play in finding and nurturing the Next Big Thing? The new episode of the podcast tries to answer that question by talking to an Atlanta Fed economist about venture capital's impact on firm growth and employment.

"Get to Know Your Workforce": Discussing the Benefits Cliff

11/07/2019 - In this special episode of the podcast, Meghan Cummings of the Women's Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation talks with Atlanta Fed research director Dave Altig about the benefits cliff and ways employers can make the workplace more accommodating to lower-wage employees.

"It's Core to the Overall Mission": Bank Supervision and the Fed

10/31/2019 - The Atlanta Fed supervises banks to ensure their safety and soundness, and the supervision process undergoes continuous improvement. An episode of the podcast discusses some innovations in supervision and the benefits they offer.

Special Economy Matters Podcast on the Affordable Housing Crisis

10/01/2019 - Listen to this special Economy Matters podcast to hear from people who help create opportunities for stable, affordable housing, and to follow one person’s journey from housing instability to homeownership.

"We Have to Be Aware of the Risk": The Dynamics of the Commercial Real Estate Market

09/30/2019 - Southeastern commercial real estate continues to flex its muscles, but how much caution is warranted? The podcast talks to an Atlanta Fed real estate specialist about factors behind the sector's strength.

"What Are Businesses Reacting To?" A Conversation about Uncertainty

08/29/2019 - Firms always prefer certainty, but the amount of certainty they feel can seemingly vary with each news cycle. A new episode of the podcast talks to an Atlanta Fed economist about his attempts to gauge businesses' feelings about the economic climate.

"We Do Find a Meaningful Impact": Novice Driver Restrictions and the Labor Force

07/25/2019 - States have grown increasingly strict about novice teenage drivers. The podcast talks to an Atlanta Fed economist about the impact of stricter policies on teen labor force participation.

"This Threat Appears to Be Growing": A Discussion of Business Email Compromise

06/27/2019 - The techniques involved in defrauding firms through their email are growing in sophistication. An episode of the podcast talks to an Atlanta Fed payments expert about ways to combat this form of fraud.

"A Puzzle That Everyone Wants to Solve": Discussing the Price-Rent Ratio

05/30/2019 - Sometimes an area's rents increase faster than house prices. But sometimes they don't. This podcast episode discusses the price-rent ratio and what it indicates about housing markets.

"Our Habits Are Slow to Change": A Discussion about Payments

04/25/2019 - Achieving a safe yet convenient payments system requires both constant innovation and attention to consumers' ingrained preferences. Two payments experts discuss the evolving U.S. payments system on this episode.

Speaking Publicly on Privacy: A Conversation about Digital Privacy

04/02/2019 - Safeguarding personal data is a challenge in our digital era. In this special episode, Atlanta Fed president Raphael Bostic speaks with Heinz College professor Alessandro Acquisti about the field of privacy economics.

Under Pressure: The Pluses and Minuses of a Hot Economy

03/28/2019 - Does economic history hold any lessons about an economy in a sustained period of full employment? Atlanta Fed economist Julie Hotchkiss discusses her recent research into the question on this episode.

"Financial Inclusion Is Very Important": A Conversation about Payments

02/28/2019 - The payments system is continually evolving. Nell Campbell-Drake of the Atlanta Fed's Retail Payments Office talks about the changes, and the Fed's leading role in the payments system, on the podcast.

A Look at 2018 in Southeastern Banking

01/31/2019 - For southeastern banks, 2018 overall was a year of gradually improving conditions. Cynthia Goodwin of the Atlanta Fed's Supervision, Regulation, and Credit division discusses the past year in banking in a podcast episode.

"Health Is Wealth": A Conversation with the U.S. Surgeon General

01/03/2019 -In this episode, Atlanta Fed president Raphael Bostic talks to U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams about the social and economic impact of improved health on society.

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