Fourth Quarter, Volume 6, Number 4

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      Volume 6, Number 4, Fourth Quarter 2004

Steady Growth on Horizon
at Home and Abroad

Low inflation and continued gains in the job market combine to lay the groundwork for economic expansion in 2005. Variables such as energy costs and geopolitical instability inject some uncertainty into the coming year’s picture, but the economic outlook is generally positive.

Southeast’s Economy on Stable Course

A state-by-state survey of Southeastern states’ economies indicates that the region faces some economic challenges in 2005, but the year overall holds numerous opportunities for growth in areas as varied as tourism and manufacturing.

Hurricanes Raise Questions
About Florida’s Outlook

Prior to 2004, it had been 40 years since Florida experienced four hurricanes in one season. While the state’s rebuilding efforts continue and some of the economic damage lingers, the state’s economy is poised for growth.